All About Robinson R-44 Helicopters

Robinson R-44 helicopters are the standard when it comes to smaller rotorcraft. These helicopters provide performance, comfort, and a smooth ride to those on board.

As of 2016 Robison Helicopter Co. has two variations of the R-44 helicopter in the R-44 Series. These variations include the R-44 Raven and the R-44 Clipper. The R-44 Raven also has another two variations which include the R-44 Raven I and R-44 Raven II. Both variations offer a good balance between affordability and performance. The Raven I has a Lycoming O-540, six cylinder, carbureted engine and has a range of around 300 nautical miles. The Raven II has the same range but as a power boost with the improved Lycoming IO-540, six cylinder, fuel injected engine. With standard equipment, the Raven I will cost around 379,000 dollars and the Raven II will cost around 461,000 dollars brand new.

In addition to the Ravens, Robinson also offers the Clipper. The Clipper is the R-44 Raven with a flotation device addon. This is perfect for over water travel safety. A brand new Clipper I with floats will cost around 401,000 dollars and the Clipper II at 488,000 dollars.

Finally, Robison also offers the R-44 Cadet. The R-44 Cadet is a two-seater helicopter, has a Lycoming O-540-F1B5, six cylinder, carbureted engine, and a range of around 300 nautical miles. A brand new Cadet will cost around 339,000 dollars with standard equipment. The Cadet also has a maximum altitude of 14,000 feet and can cruise at 110 knots. This helicopter is perfect for the rotorcraft pilot looking for a relaxing flight.

Overall, Robinson R-44 helicopters offer performance, safety, and affordability - what we at MaxFlight Helicopter Services offer. If you're interested in a helicopter ride around the city of Detroit, contact us today! 

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