Best Places To See Via Helicopter Ride in Detroit

Detroit is a great city. It is the “Motor City” for a reason and home of the historical factories that made the American muscle cars from the "glory days" that are days gone by. Still, Detroit has beauty and magnificence and all the glories of the city are best seen by taking a helicopter ride over the metropolitan area. 

When you get up in a helicopter, you get a very different perspective. It is like you are observing Google maps but in real time. However, in a helicopter, you are flying over a site at a distance that makes it so easy to have a view that is also up close and personal.

Here are the main sites that you need to see when taking a helicopter ride over the Detroit Metropolitan area:

  1. The Detroit River and all the businesses and buildings along each side of the river are a big part of the Detroit history that is easily forgotten. This big river that connects Detroit to the greater parts of America is what was the impetus to make Detroit the heartland of the success of America during the industrial revolution and thereafter. If you made cars in Detroit you wanted to be able to put them on ships and send them to the southern areas of America, for further distribution to the rest of the country and the rest of the world. The strategic location of Detroit was one of the main reasons why Detroit became so successful.
  2. As part of y our “bucket list” you MUST fly over the Pagoda House in Detroit in a helicopter, which was a house built by a major alcohol smuggler who imported alcohol from Canada during the time of the 1930’s prohibition in the USA.
  3. Don’t forget to fly over the Detroit skyline which is breathtaking and beautifully illuminated at night. 

To experince Detroit in all its glory, book a helicopter ride with MaxFlight Helicopter Services today. You'll be amazed at seeing this city in its entirity. 

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