How a Helicopter Ride Can Help with Your Aerial Photography

It is very hard to improve your aerial photography from the ground unless you can afford a drone, and even then the aerial shots will be at a very low altitude. So, the best way to get aerial shots is to book a helicopter or private plane ride. Bubble helicopters are the best option because they provide a panoramic view that makes it great to take pictures. The ultimate ride for the best aerial shots is one that has one of the doors removed. The drawbacks there are that these trips will be much more expensive, and there is the off chance that you will fall out the open door.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Start with whatever camera you have, even your smartphone. Don’t be intimidated by people shooting with huge cameras. You have to start somewhere.
  • If you are shooting with an iPhone or Android device, make sure you have enough memory on your device. Once airborne on a clear day, you will probably keep snapping away the whole trip.
  • Don’t edit in flight. Looking down at your phone can cause you to lose the best shots. It can also make you airsick. If you brought memory cards, you will have plenty of time to edit shots on the ground.
  • Controlling reflections is important for clearer shots. Feel free to put your camera lens close to the window without touching the glass to cut out reflections. This changes the camera lens focus past dead bugs or scratches that are less than visually appealing. What you wear is important. Dark colors reflect less light and will not appear in your photos.
  • To get sharp shots requires a little effort. The vibrations of the helicopter can impact the sharpness of your photos. In order to control camera shake, do the following. For cameras with manual settings, adjust the shutter speed higher than 1/1000 of a second with an F8 aperture. Your camera should not be touching the body of the helicopter while you are shooting. You have to hold the camera's full weight so that it is suspended and to reduce vibrations. Rest your arms between shots.

As a bonus, get the helicopter in some of the pictures for a cool behind the scenes view. Spend at least some time enjoying the experience and not just documenting it. Your pictures will be with you forever. How often do you get to ride in a helicopter?

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