Put a Detroit Helicopter Tour on Your 2017 To-Do List

Detroit is one of the Midwest's most intriguing and beautiful cities, particularly due to the recent renaissance effort that is transforming it once again into a popular tourist destination. If you are interested in visiting this city and want to see all that it has to offer, a helicopter ride is one of your best bets. Helicopter rides offer unique benefits that you can't get in any other way.

Why Take A Helicopter Ride?

Helicopter rides give you a unique birds-eye view that is hard to obtain with a plane because they must continually fly forward. Helicopters can hover over interesting areas of the city and show off some of its most intriguing architecture and its best landmark destinations.

Helicopter rides are also usually private affairs, consisting of only a handful of people. This creates a more intimate and personal experience that is perfect for a small family that wants to see Detroit, but can't handle all the busy lines and packed destinations that can be so frustrating to manage.

Where Should You Visit?

There are a variety of high-quality buildings to visit while on a helicopter ride. Each shows off unique architectural wonder that will dazzle your family and leave a lasting impression. Just a few to visit include:

  • Fisher Building – built entirely out of marble and granite, this building offers a gorgeous view that is hard to top
  • Guardian Building – a 40-story skyscraper with classic art deco and memorable orange brick exterior decorations
  • Masonic Temple – one of the largest Masonic Temple's in the world, it offers a stunning exterior view that you and your family will never forget
  • Penobscot Building – another tall skyscraper that captures the eye and the imagination, it holds a glowing red globe that is interesting to view up-close-and-personal

Another fun way to engage in a helicopter ride is to fly out over Lake Huron and Lake Erie to get a feel for just how large these incredible Great Lakes are, even when viewed from above. All these benefits, and much more, make a Detroit helicopter ride a can't-miss 2017 activity.

If you're looking for Detroit helicopter tours, contact MaxFlight Helicopter Services today. 

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