What to Expect From a Sightseeing Helicopter Ride

If you’re looking to buy someone a special gift, one that they’ll cherish for a long time to come, look no further than a sightseeing helicopter ride. Studies have shown that the best gifts are ones based in experiences rather than things, and few experiences will be more memorable than flying over a major city in a helicopter. If you’re interested in booking a helicopter ride but aren’t sure what to expect, here’s a few things you can expect to experience on this ride of a lifetime.

Ride in Style

Initially, the pilot will escort up to three passengers to the state-of-the-art helicopter itself, where they will make sure that everyone is safely and securely fastened into the helicopter cockpit. It’s best to dress in warm-weather clothing, since things can get a little chilly when you’re high up in the air. From there, the helicopter will lift up into the air to over 1500 feet above the ground, giving you a brilliantly panoramic view of the surrounding area. Once you’ve reached the desired altitude, the pilot will take you on a tour of the important sights, including any special ones that you have requested.

See the Sights

If you’re taking a helicopter ride in Detroit, you’ll get a chance to see the city as you never have before. From the brilliant architecture, to the distinctive skyline; from the art installations of downtown to the towering Ambassador Bridge, you’ll have a view of the historic city of Detroit that you’ve never had before!

If you’re interested in seeing the city of Detroit in a whole new way, MaxFlight Helicopter Services is here to make your dream a reality. With state-of-the-art aircraft and friendly service, we’ll guarantee that your helicopter experience will be one that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Contact us today to book a tour, and let your dreams take flight!

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