Why A Helicopter Ride Is A Great Gift

Do you have a relative or a friend that you just do not know what kind of gift to get for them? Have you ever thought of giving them a helicopter ride? As long as they are not afraid of heights, this is a fantastic gift! Why, you may ask? Keep reading and we will tell you.

Do you realize that seeing the sights and traveling has much more perks than flying in a plane? This is true. The passenger gets a fantastic bird's eye view of everything. Being that they are much closer to the ground than in a plane, the landscape and buildings can be taken in better. This is opposed to appearing to be mere dots on the ground. Because you can see for miles around, the scenery is just breathtaking. 

This makes for an especially wonderful gift if your friend is a photographer, even an amateur one. There is no better opportunity for magnificent photographs than the aerial views you will get from the seat of a helicopter. It beats the heck out of a standard ground view of the subject, yet it is at a much lower altitude than in a plane. 

As an off-shoot of that, a helicopter ride also makes for spectacular video filming. Your friend will get amazing vistas, where he or she can see for miles at a time. This is a great option whether they want to film heavenly landscapes or an entire majestic city, like Manhattan in New York. They simply cannot get this kind of experience from the ground or from a plane.

Another reason flying in a helicopter is better is because there are typically fewer passengers at one time. This means your friend will not be crammed in with scores of other people. It is possible to purchase tickets for a private group tour, which is perfect for a family. Here's a thought, why not make it a bachelor party or bridal shower gift for your pal who is just about to get married. They can film the whole thing to have memories of it that will last a lifetime. 

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